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Many pictures in the sections of this website are taken from the book "Villeneuve, a racing legend" by Allan De La Plante. All the pictures in the book are property of www.villeneuvef1.com which kindly permitted us their publication.

We are grateful to Actualfoto photo agency and Mr. Roberto Piccinini, which permitted us the publication of some pictures of their own property.

The pictures showed in the website were taken from these publications:
• "Villeneuve, a racing legend" by Allan De La Plante, 1995 Turn Five Inc, Aylmer (Québec) - Canada
• "Gilles vivo" by Cesare De Agostini, 1983 Conti editor, San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) - Italy
• "Gilles fra mito e leggenda" by Silvio Rossi, 1983 Forte editor, Milan - Italy
• "Gilles et Jacques, les Villeneuve et moi" by Pierre Lecours, Stanké edition (Québec) - Canada
• "Formula Ferrari 1948 - 2002", by Paolo D'Alessio, S.E.P. srl edition, Cassina De Pecchi (MI) - Italy

The biography was taken from:
• "Gilles Villeneuve la vita di un pilota leggendario" by Gerald Donaldson, 1990 Giorgio Nada editor, Milan - Italy

The statistics and the race results were taken from this publication:
• "F.1 - 33 anni di Gran Premi iridati" by Gianni Cancellieri/Cesare De Agostini, 1982 Conti editor, San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) - Italy

Others and various mentions were taken from:
• "Gilles Villeneuve" from "I grandi dello sport" by Nestore Morosini, 1982 FOR-VEM edition, Milan - Italy
• "La cometa Gilles" by Enzo Russo, 1983 Edis edition, Milan - Italy
• Autosprint, Conti editor, San Lazzaro di Savena (BO) - Italy
• Rombo, Edis edition, Milan - Italy

Some of the images here have been borrowed from the web by other websites. If anyone objects to me using them on these pages, please let me know at webmaster@ventisetterosso.it

Fabrizio Amato
Bruno Majuri
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Gilles Villeneuve

He had reached the top of his mountain and for sure,  up there,  he could see everything from a
different point of view of us all, we humble ants, which have chosen to see them from the bottom.

(Jeff Hutchinson from "Grand Prix International magazine" of May 13, 1982)