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Gilles Villeneuve
This site was born out of an intimate necessity to turn a feeling into something real, into something to dedicate to a friend, to an ideal mate who never betrayed all those believed in him.
This is what Gilles was to me; any moment I spent in observing him, in listening to him and the impossible attempt to tell him all my admiration, had not been useless.
I grew up admiring his attitudes both in and out of track, but Villeneuve was not a hero, whatever he did, he did it for himself and we ideally joined him, we felt involved in his dreams, in the plans of a man who did not want to grow up, with his fragility, with his weakenesses and his extraordinary normality.
So, looking behind myself, I realise Gilles was like a father to me as he taught me how to live on the right side and today, forty-two years after he disappeared, Gil has become a son, as the sorrow I feel any time I think about his absence is so bad, that I feel as I am only a survivor.
Gilles Villeneuve

He had reached the top of his mountain and for sure,  up there,  he could see everything from a
different point of view of us all, we humble ants, which have chosen to see them from the bottom.

(Jeff Hutchinson from "Grand Prix International magazine" of May 13, 1982)