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Gilles Villeneuve
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Hello! Thank you a lot for this Gilles Villeneuve site! I'm very happy with it, especially the pictures are really great. It's not easy to find some in the net or somewhere else. I'm a great fan of Gilles and it's good to know that he's not forgotten. Please go on with it! Bye.
Stéphane D.
Twenty years ago, around noon, I heard on the radio that Gilles was at the hospital, under a machine to keep his body alive... I was 14 years-old and i lost my hero. May be I became a man at this point of my life because of the pain I felt. He died because he became crazy about what Didier Pironi did to him. Fighting for the pole drove him to the death. I remember him as a little big guy and my childrens hear a lot about him because of my passion for a man who doesn't support an half result in anything. Salut Gilles, on se souvient de toi. Merci à tout les italiens qui gardent une place dans leur cœur pour ce chevalier, qui a chevauché ce joli cheval câbré.
Gilles was the reason I've start watching Formula 1. He was my muse, he was my idol, my reason to live, my biggest love at the time. When the terrible accident happened, I remember (16 at the time) I was thinking of starting put some money aside to get to Imola or Monza next year. Two days later I read an article at a newspaper for his death. I was shocked, I've never felt worst for years until I lost my grandfather. Twenty years passed and I'll never forget his rare talent, his will for success, that shy and bright at the same time look on his eyes, the push he was for my own life. Rest in peace Gilles Villeneuve and continue winning up there among the other greats...
Salut Gilles. You're forever in our hearts. You made all Canadians feel so damn proud!
"Two feet"
Good to finally see a site with some excellent quality photographs. Even a vivid Gilles' fan like myself had not seen some of those shots before! Greetings from a long time Gilles' fan from The Netherlands, please keep up the good work!
Michaël v/d V.
Great site of a great driver! Gilles was already death before I was alive. I have seen some great video actions of Gilles, and I read some great stories, he was the man before Senna. I am a fan of Senna, but Gilles was the Senna before Senna. There was just one thing: racing and winning and that's what Formula 1 is all about... And that's what we miss now in the end 90's being 00's. Only the good die young...
Gilles was already death before I was born in 1984. But I have seen great videos, I have read books and I have heard some great stories about Gilles. So I can say: Gilles Villeneuve was one of the greatest racing drivers all time. A driver who never comes back. Your pages are greatly. I hope it will continue.
Denis K.
I clearly remember that sunny spring day in Moscow twenty years ago. The sport news block on TV and the announcement about the Ferrari's driver fatal crash somewhere in Europe... I was 10 years-old. That was the first time I have heard about Gilles. All possible compliments to the founders of this site. God bless you all!
David C.
Thank God for your website and your photographs of Gilles, I just wish that he was alive today. The photographs on your site are just out of this world. I was a fan of Gilles and not a year goes by when I don't think of him or a day for that matter. He is sadly missed still after all this time. Thank you.
Viva Gilles! Desde Mexico mi admiracion para ti.
David H.
Just letting you know that you have a brilliant website, it's absolutely fantastic. I'm sure Gilles would be proud of it.
What a wonderful website, dedicated to a great champion! I've watched Formula 1 since 1978, Zolder in 1982 was a tough one.
Emanuel T.
This is the best site about the great Gilles Villeneuve, thank you!
Tommy G.
Gilles was great! Now he has many companions in heaven like Nuvolari, Ascari, Peterson, Clark and Senna. Can you imagine them all together? Forever Gil!
Neil B.
I really liked your website, a great place for any Gilles fans to come and visit. I will pass it on to some other Gilles fans I know.
Congratulations on producing such a wonderful and fitting tribute to Gilles. Keep up the good work!
Adrian H.
What a great site! Congratulations. I click on it frequently and always when I leave again, I feel a little bit sad as well as happy because there are others who keep the memories of Gilles alive too. It is more than twenty years now, but sometimes I still wonder: "What could have been happened if not..."
Thank you for this great homepage about Gilles. Many thanks for the great pictures archive and I must say: "A man can die, but his ideal for this sport lives forever."
Johnny V.
What an incredible site! Awesome! You have done a magnificent job in keeping Gilles alive for all of us. I've been a fan ever since I saw him race snowmobiles here in Canada. He was and is the greatest! Thanks so much.
Zbigniew B.
I'm only 15 years-old and I know Gilles from my older brother. He was a very good driver. It's very sad... he reminds me Ayrton Senna.
Damir K.
This is an incredible site! It helped me learn much about Gilles. I was born in 1982, so I couldn't watch Gil, but he is my hero. I've made a page in Croatian language about him at www.sempregilles.com
Richard D.
Hi, you don't have the site in French too, but it is a very nice website, BRAVO. My English it's so, but I understand and you did a good job. Thank you.
Lukas G.
Thank you for this great page. The pictures of Gilles Villeneuve are fantastic. Let us never forget this incredible driver!
Cleiton D.
Saudades imensas da sua coragem, do seu arrojo, da sua determinação. O dia 8 de maio próximo será de muitas lembranças, tristes por 25 anos de sua ausência entre nós aqui na Terra. Porém, mais que a tristeza, nesse momento ficaremos felizes por termos tido a possibilidade de ver uma pessoa íntegra e honesta, que brigava pelo que queria, dentro das regras esportivas, sem prejudicar ou tentar algo pior contra seus companheiros de profissão. Tua memória será para sempre respeitada! Saudades.
Giorgos D.
He will always be in the bottom of our heart... When I think of him, I imagine him driving in the streets of Heaven along with the others. Ayrton, Jim, Juan, Tazio, Ronnie, Michele... Salut Gilles.
Gilles & Kathleen
Thank you for this fantastic website. It's the perfect tribute to the greatest racing driver there ever was.
Alexandre L.
Hello, thank you very much for this website. Gilles will always be in the bottom of our hearts.
Manu H.
Gilles was the greatest Ferrari driver ever and maybe the best the World has seen. The little fellow from Québec put Canada on the top of the World. Salute you Gilles, a man who transformed a nation. I remember well that day in 1982, I was seventeen years-old. R.I.P.
Gilles Villeneuve

He had reached the top of his mountain and for sure,  up there,  he could see everything from a
different point of view of us all, we humble ants, which have chosen to see them from the bottom.

(Jeff Hutchinson from "Grand Prix International magazine" of May 13, 1982)